Permanent Makeup Services in Pittsburgh, Pa

We provide natural permanent makeup services to give you the confidence, convenience, and look you crave.

What Is Permanent Makeup?


Permanent makeup is applying pigments into the skin’s dermal layer to mimic conventional makeup. Like getting a tattoo, we use a hollow needle to release color into the skin.

 Ideal for various purposes, from eyebrows to lip liner to various other facial enhancements, permanent makeup (AKA cosmetic tattooing) is semi-permanent and offers a natural look.

If you want a convenient way to look your best every day, all day, permanent makeup is a powerful solution. 

Our clients reduce their reliance on expensive beauty products while enjoying a gorgeous, natural look.

Discover how easy it is to look your best with permanent makeup!

Our Permanent Makeup Services

Tired of the daily makeup struggle? Say goodbye to smudged makeup and uneven brows! Our permanent eyebrow services offer a lasting solution to eyebrow struggles. Achieve flawless brows effortlessly, saving you time and frustration. Experience the confidence that comes with waking up to perfect eyebrows every day. Discover a hassle-free solution to your eyebrow concerns.
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lip blush
Picture-perfect lips are made possible with lip blushing. Achieve the perfect pout or reverse the sign of aging by restoring your natural lip color. Lip blushing gives you the perfect tint for up to two years without retouching.
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Permanent eyeliner involves carefully creating your ideal lash line with a tattoo machine. We'll perfectly replicate your desired lash line and ensure your eyes pop in all the right ways.
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how our process works

We get you started with a brief consultation. We’ll discuss your goals and desires and learn more about what you’d like the final results to look like.

Our permanent makeup is custom-designed to fit your look. Our artists have years of experience creating personalized makeup designs that naturally fit your facial features for an effortlessly flawless look.

Similar to when you’re tattooed elsewhere, our artists apply a numbing solution to your skin, preventing pain during your procedure. Most patients feel no pain or slight discomfort during the tattooing process.

Once the area is prepped, our artists work on your new permanent makeup look. The procedure takes approximately 1.5 hours to  complete, depending on the service requested.

Approximately 6-8 weeks after your initial appointment, we’ll have you return to studio for a final perfecting session. During this session we’ll touch up any areas that may have been overlooked and ensure you’re completely satisfied with the results.

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