cancellation policy

We ask that you please reschedule or cancel at least 2 days before the beginning of your appointment.
To fully understand this policy, please read in its entirety prior to booking any appointments at Lush Distinctions. In order for us to provide impeccable customer service, we kindly requests that all clients remain timely for their appointments. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and these policies exist to give all clients the absolute best experience possible. We are so thankful for your business and welcome any inquiries about this policy! The Lush Distinctions team | 724-286-7338  |[email protected]
PERMANENT MAKEUP BOOKING FEE A NON-REFUNDABLE $50 BOOKING FEE is required to secure your initial appointment. If you cancel your appointment for any reason, it will result in forfeiture of your booking fee. This amount will be credited towards your total.
All other services require a card on file to secure your appointment. A minimum of 24hours is required to to cancel your appointment. Failure to cancel your appointment within 24 hours will be considered a NO SHOW to your appointment and the card on file will be charged $75.
PAYMENT: All balances will be due at the end of your appointment in CASH or CREDIT / DEBIT CARD
IF YOU HAVE A PRE-EXISTING EYEBROW TATTOO If you have any previous work done by another artist, you MUST get my approval before booking. Please send three (3) clear photos of your full face and eyebrows with no makeup on them, unfiltered, and in natural lighting to: [email protected] for review. * Front facing profile * Right side 3/4 turn * Left side 3/4 turn Please understand that coverups and color corrections are possible in some cases. It can be a great solution and relief however not all previous work can be fixed or covered. Previous work can be very complicated, time consuming and results are NOT guaranteed. The average eyebrow tattoo cover-up/correction usually require two or more sessions (6 weeks apart). Most correction brows require clients patience and dedication. Due to the amount of time and work needed to repair bad permanent makeup tattoo the cost and number of sessions cannot be predetermined.
RESCHEDULING :You may reschedule your appointment via the confirmation text or email you receive up to 2 DAYS (48 HOURS) PRIOR to your appointment or your booking fee will be forfeited. A new booking fee will be required to book another appointment. You are allowed to reschedule only ONCE and you will have to wait until my next available appointment.
CANCELLATIONS: We kindly ask if you are not going to make your appointment, please extend us the courtesy of texting or emailing to let us know. Should you decide to cancel your Permanent Makeup service, this will result in forfeiture of your booking fee. If you decide to cancel any appointment, you must do so at least 48 hours in advanced to avoid being charged a NO SHOW FEE.
PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME!! Please be courteous of others and be on time for your scheduled appointment. We understand unforeseen circumstances can happen, however it is important to allow enough time to properly perform each service.
LATE POLICY Due to our tightly packed schedule, we ask that you arrive on time. If you arrive to your appointment more than 15 MINUTES late, you will be considered a “NO SHOW” and result in forfeiture of your booking fee or a $75 charge to the card on file. Please take into account traffic times and weather conditions when driving to your appointment.
PERMANENT MAKEUP IS TYPICALLY A TWO STEP PROCESS Just like any tattoo, permanent eyebrow tattoos are a multiple step process; Initial + a Perfection session, 6 weeks apart. Within a week of your initial session the color will fade drastically in shade and size. While some clients may accept the pigment and heal beautifully without a touch-up, most clients are required to come back for a second session. On rare occasions, a third session may be needed to achieve the desired look.
BOOKING YOUR PERFECTING SESSION Your 6 week touch-up will be booked prior to leaving your initial appointment. If you cancel or no show the appointment booked by LUSH DISTINCTIONS, IT WILL BECOME YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO REBOOK THIS SESSION.
we cannot guarantee you availability. Anything booked beyond the 12 weeks time frame will have to pay an additional fee. NO EXCEPTIONS!
HEALED RESULTS Results are NOT guaranteed and will vary with each individual client. In rare cases a third session, at additional costs, may be needed to achieve desired results. Factors such as: age, diet, skin type, lifestyle, diet, skincare, post and aftercare, medication, tattoo removal/cover-ups, etc. will affect the results. It is imperative to know that more than one session may be required.
COLOR REFRESHERS In order to keep your permanent makeup results looking vibrant, a touch up within 18-24 months is recommended. The color will fade overtime and need to be refreshed. Frequency of touch-ups depend on factors such as: the color used (lighter colors fade faster), lifestyle, sun exposure, skin care products, use of harsh products or chemical peels, etc.
NO REFUNDS No refunds will be issued for any reason.